Hardware Ideas: Cabinet Decorating

Hardware and cabinets are a home’s face, and it means a lot to people that they look right. While it can be a tough job for the upkeep of cabinets, it’s important. This is because they tend to be the face of the house and you don’t need to be worried because there are good options for you. Keep reading for some inspiration on how you can spruce your cabinets up.

Custom-made hardware

It is easy to create a look and feel in your home that you won’t find anywhere else with custom-made cabinet handles and matching interior hardware. You can consult with a cabinet maker about creating unique pieces that reflect the style that you are aiming for. Some custom ideas include making handles from jewelry pendants or transforming small toys for the children. The process is usually simple and only involves attaching screws to items so that they can be affixed to the cabinets.

Added to this is the chance to see them with an array of finishes. You can make bold statements by going for bronze hardware, or get a classic finish by using a bit of gold. Silver or chrome fits best with modern kitchens and bathrooms, and genuine wood handles can be a unique way to accentuate your richly-hued wooden cabinet doors.

The quality of hardware

When replacing your hardware, it is a good idea to examine the quality of it so that you can make your cabinets last longer. Wear and tear when it comes to cabinet hardware is more than most things that are in the home, so with this in mind fit durable drawer slides with cabinets put together not with staples but screws so it is easier to use.


In addition to updating cabinet hardware, you can also reface your cabinets for just a fraction of the cost that it takes to replace them. Cabinet laminates have made many strides in quality over the years, so the real wood look through thermofoil or melamine is easier than ever. If you are a bit of a maverick, consider adding a finish with a new coat or re-texturing your cabinets can be a good idea. If you’re really creative, you can try bleaching or sanding your cabinets and painting them a different colour altogether to update the look of your home.

The key to make something like cabinets stand out in the home is creativity. Try thinking outside the box so that you can come up with decorative cabinet hardware ideas that other homeowners will envy.

Cabinet Knobs – The Interior Designer’s Candy Box

I can’t decide which chocolate I want, so how do I decide on a cabinet knob?

If it’s time for you to freshen up your kitchen, you don’t have to start tearing out cabinets and pulling out the kitchen sink. You can buy a can of paint and to freshen and change the entire look of the room-make it richer with a deep color, or lighten it up with bright white or soft ivory.

Aside from painting the cabinets, which is a big, bold move, you can finish off a fresh now look for the kitchen with the right cabinet hardware. Choosing a new cabinet knob is like choosing the right piece of jewelry for an outfit. It enhances what’s already there, and it makes a statement on its own. Just as selecting your jewelry is a personal statement, so can the choices about the cabinet knobs you select when refreshing your home.

Where do you begin? Traditional styles come in styles with clean lines and no frills, or filigreed and embossed with geometric shapes, florals and vines, beads and ropes. Add a backplate to a simple knob and you’ve built traditional character into your cabinets. Maybe a ring pull or a tassel would be a good choice if you want to go with something other than the familiar cabinet knob.

If you prefer contemporary styles, there’s a world of ideas out there. Sleek geometry plays a big role in contemporary designs, so look for a cabinet knob in shapes like spheres, cubes, eggs, cylinders, cones, hoops, and swirls. If you prefer to soften the look of sharp geometric hardware, you can choose something other than a bright finish. Consider a softer metallic like brushed silver or matte iron, or in a warm color like copper or bronze.

If you’re looking for a cabinet knob in color, you’ve got lots of options. Granite, marble, glass, plastic, resin and even semi-precious stone are available in so many colors that you you’re bound to find the right mix for the new look for your kitchen. Want a little bling? Look for a cabinet knob with embedded rhinestones. Blend in or stand out-it’s your choice.

When you choose a cabinet knob, and you’ve got your design pinned down, consider the size of the cabinet doors and drawers before you buy. The scale of the knob is important for looks. You can buy matching knobs in different sizes to accommodate the different size drawer fronts and doors.

Before you make a final decision, consider the profile of the knob. A substantial sphere-shaped knob in granite makes a design statement, but what if it extends into the space that a drawer needs to clear when you open it? Is the cabinet knob easy for little hands to grab? Are Grandpa’s arthritic fingers able to grasp the knob? If you’ve got a linebacker for a nephew, can he slide his oversized fingers between the knob and the door? You want him to unload the dishwasher, don’t you? He’s got to be able to open the doors.

When you replace a cabinet knob, take a look at the length of the screws provided by the manufacturer. If they the same width or thicker, you’re in good shape. They’ll fit in the existing holes in the drawer fronts and doors, or you can drill the screw holes a little wider if you need to. Are the screws long enough to clear a raised panel? You’d hate to find your selection doesn’t fit after you bring them home. Do a little homework before you buy and you won’t be disappointed later.

Changing Cabinet Hardware Knobs Can Make a Big Impact

Most of us live in homes where we consider design as something we think about when we buy upholstery, tables and chairs, lamps, flooring and artwork. Design enters our kitchens and baths when we choose cabinets, tile, lighting, countertops, and even shower curtains and towels.

Some people believe that even the smallest details in our homes can reflect our style. Why shouldn’t everything we use, everything we touch, be something that is beautiful, something that we love?

The design world is filled with artists who let us show our inner art lover shine. A number of artists and hardware manufacturers give us the chance to be art collectors on a miniature scale. Their product-cabinet hardware knobs.

Yes, cabinet hardware knobs are plentiful in hardware stores, home improvement centers, and home décor websites. You are very likely to find anything you could imagine you would want to grace the doors and drawers in you kitchen, bathroom, and furniture. But it’s the things that you might not imagine, though, that can really draw you in after you know what to look for and check them out.

A kitchen or bath in a restored or period-style home call for cabinet hardware knobs that recall the time when these homes were first built. Reproductions are abundant, but it’s an accomplishment to honor the details that truly reflect the home’s heyday. A careful search of the Internet can yield hardware rendered in meticulous detail-the elegant geometry of the Art Deco era with a polished chrome in nickel and zinc finish, the gracious pineapple and floral motifs of the Southern Plantation style, and the hand-forged looks of Colonial America can complete the authentic look of your historic home. You can suffice with a look-alike, but when you’re striving for excellence, a little online legwork can perfectly complete your project.

For some people, it’s not about finding the perfect hardware that reflects design of the past. Instead, it’s about finding the perfect original treasure. Do you love depression glass? You can find cabinet hardware knobs in the colors of depression glass, molded and then etched in a traditional floral design. No, it’s not reproduction. Instead, it pays homage to the shapes, colors and design of an earlier time, but in a very current way.

Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to add sparkle and glow to a simple outfit. A colorful crystal bracelet and a shimmery blouse under a classic suit are your trademarks. While you might have simple white cabinets in your bathroom, you can dress them up with cabinet hardware knobs with colorful satin finishes, and a single colorful rhinestone centered on the handle to your jewelry cabinet or your makeup drawer. Why not enjoy a tiny iridescent sculpture every day?

Artists from medieval and Renaissance times created striking stained glass windows for cathedrals throughout Europe. The appeal of stained glass has not waned. What would you think about installing tiny stained glass treasures on the built-in cabinets in your den? Custom-made cabinet hardware knobs, built like tiny stained glass windows, would be a gorgeous addition for the home of an art lover.

If you like a handcrafted objects for your home, you’ve seen ceramic craftsman who create original tableware, serving dishes, baskets, vases, pitchers, colanders, bathroom accessories and lamps.. If you fill your home with these everyday works of art, and if you want to appreciate their fine work on a much tinier scale, you can find a cabinet hardware knobs in original designs, too. The colors, lines, and finishes you admire in the handcrafted kitchenware you collect can complete the look of your cabinets.

Shopping for Top Knobs Cabinet Hardware

Top Knobs cabinet hardware is among the highest quality hardware for kitchen or bath cabinets. The manufacturer has separate lines for kitchens, baths, and closets. It claims to be the “number one manufacturer for decorative knobs and drawer pulls.” Certainly many of the designs in this cabinet hardware collection cannot be found anywhere else, so homeowners who are looking for something that is truly unique will be very pleased with the selections from the manufacturer. Here are some of the many reasons so many people have turned to this cabinet hardware to give their kitchens or baths a very finished and polished look.

Top Knobs has been around since 1994, partnering with professional cabinet showrooms to bring quality cabinet hardware to anyone who has a sense of style and wants to incorporate that sense into their kitchen or bath.

Design and Selection

Most customers who choose Top Knobs cabinet hardware decide on the manufacturer because of the many unique designs that are available. They think of hardware as the “jewelry” of the kitchen or bath, and the designs show exactly why the manufacturer thinks this way. Anyone who is interested in having a very designer look would certainly be interested in their cabinet hardware.

Another major part of the design part of Top Knobs is all of the various finishes that are available. Top Knob offers more than 20 different finishes on its kitchen and bath hardware, which means there are choices of all colors and textures to choose from.

Also the manufacturer has a very wide selection of pieces available. There are more than 2500 different products available from Top Knob, and there are also many different product lines. Shoppers can choose one theme or style and find many different choices within that theme or style. The wide variety brings many shoppers to Top Knob, where they generally do not have any trouble finding what they need.


Many people have been trusting Top Knobs cabinet hardware for many years, and quality is a major part of that trust. People know that if they purchase hardware from this manufacturer, it will last forever and look beautiful for the life of the cabinets they own. Also there are more than 5,000 showrooms all around the United States where people can see Top Knobs kitchen hardware and test the quality of the pieces themselves before making such a major purchase. Additionally, the manufacturer stands behind its products so much that it offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products. If anything goes wrong because of a defect or a mistake in the craftsmanship of the piece, just return it to get a replacement or a full refund.


Customers also especially appreciate the ease with which they can order from Top Knob. Most pieces of hardware from the manufacturer leave the warehouse within just 24 hours of the order coming in. Also the company is known for being able to fulfill last minute orders very quickly, unlike other manufacturers who sometimes have to place their items on back order.

Customer Reviews

One of the most important testimonies to Top Knob cabinet hardware is the things customers say about the products. The number one thing most people say about Top Knob is that the hardware from the copy is very beautiful and unique. Customers are appreciative of the many designs that are available, and they see that they cannot get cabinet hardware that looks like this anywhere else. It certainly does seem pretty clear why so many customers continue to turn to this manufacturer for quality kitchen and bath hardware.

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware to Match Decor

If you are planning a makeover of your kitchen décor, you likely have new paint for the walls, new window treatments, perhaps new cabinetry, and other similar changes planned, but if you haven’t considered the importance of your kitchen cabinet hardware in the equation, you are overlooking an element that is both inexpensive and easy to do, and will also have a dramatic impact on the overall look of the room.

Cabinet pulls and cabinet knobs are like jewelry for your cupboards. When carefully selected to match the décor of the kitchen, they not only provide a great visual enhancement to your cabinetry, but they also provide a great detail that really pulls the look of the room together and makes it cohesive. If you overlook this small, but so important detail, you can easily break up the visual appeal of the room, leaving your cabinets looking out of place. The key to having your hardware work with the décor instead of against it is to select knobs and pulls that complement everything else in the room well, particularly if you also manage to match it to other hardware in the room like the door handles.

Cabinet hardware comes in a huge array of different styles, shapes, and colors, making it easy to find a set that fits perfectly. If your décor is sleek and modern, stainless cabinet knobs will be right at home. For French country kitchens, brass or oil rubbed bronze hardware is fit right in. Glass or porcelain knobs look great in a Victorian themed kitchen, and ceramic or wooden knobs complement a rustic style.

When choosing your hardware, though, don’t just look at the material of the handles itself – also look for great shapes that match other shapes in the room. For example, if your theme revolves around sunflowers, small sunflower-shaped cabinet knobs are a great touch. If the room contains a lot of rounded elements, rounder hardware will look better than square or other sharper and more defined shapes. If your décor contains a lot of detailed elements, knobs and pulls with scrollwork designs are a great fit. You can even find knobs and pulls in fruits and vegetable shapes, or animal shapes, for a fun and funky accent.

You may be surprised by how much of a difference a great set of hardware can make for your cabinets and the kitchen as a whole. Just don’t forget to also swap out the hinges to match the new pieces, or your new makeover may look unfinished.